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Praia Grande e a Ilha ao Fundo

     Placed  approximately  10 km  from  Paraty  historical center it is very close to Long Island.
    Mrs.  America  Carolina da Silva, an old resident tell us that  the  place   belonged  to   Mr.  Joao  Araujo  and  his family   who’s abandoned the land  in  the  occasion  of a          mysterious  explosion  that  had  occurred  in  the  upper level  of the island. The current residents  were  settling there creating the existent fishing community of about 300 people.  They anchor their boats in  the calm  waters of the canal formed by the island and the continent daily.

os barcos de pesca

     Placidly anchored within eyeshot.

Praia da Tapera

 At the little house in the middle, Mr. Clovis owns a little bar.

A Ilha e o Canal entre o Continente

   The  Island  is  supplied by electricity and piped water. It has  a  local  grocery  store  owned by Mr. Ronaldo and some bars, inns, handmade dockyards and flour houses.         Derli’s   dockyard    built    Laurinho’s   boat   which   we recommend for boat rides (see the picture).

  Right  at  the  moment  we  were  writing  this text our neighbor  Mr. Arenildo  was  building  a canoe  out  of  a  huge Guapuruvu tree that had fallen by the beach.

Sr. Arenildo e filho

   The locals canoe is sculpted in one single tree.

Bar na Ilha do Araújo

      Bar and restaurant under coconut palms.

Bar e Igreja no Pontal

    It’s the second largest island of Paraty bay area  with a total area of about one kilometer square.  The highest  peak has 198 meters.  The community is typically  local      living almost exclusively of fishing. These fishermen are concentrated  by  St.  Peter’s   church  at  Pontal   beach  (west side of the island)  and along the coast and
trees.  Part of the east side of the island that faces  Paraty  bay   area was sold to the building of summer homes purpose.

  St. Peter’s celebration is held in June with a procession  of  fishing  boats   that  take  the  image  of  the  saint  to  church,  including  food,  dances  and  typical  songs.

The shrimp festival starts during  St. Peter’s  celebration novena  and  it  happens  for   being  the  time  when  the “Defeso” ends – period of  shrimp procriation
protection.   These  events  take  many  Paraty  tourists  to  Pontal.

It’s also worth remembering the picturesque and exciting    Christmas party promoted by  a group  of  frequenters:  a  beautifully adorned and  illuminated schooner appears in        the  sea  bringing  Santa  Claus  along  with  the  sound of   Christmas songs many gifts for the children.


      "O TUBARÃO DRINKS" waiting for Santa Claus.

A ilha vista da ilha da Sapeca

    Among the stones from the walk Araujo Island appears.

vista do quintal de casa

    The  island  has  several  beaches:   Salvador  Moreira, Pontal, Lauro, Brava and Tapera. There are many caves  and  burrows  due  to  enormous  rocks.  The  biggest  of    them  is   Tapera   cave  with  many  big   compartments  where it was recently found ancient bones indicating an Archeological  site with indigenous  instruments and  bones. 
   Besides   that ,  there   are  many   other  also  interesting  burrows  as  “Toca dos Ossos"    ( The  Bone  Burrow)  and   “Toca  das  Andorinhas”   ( The Swallows             Burrow)

preparando a rede de pesca

    Preparing the fishery. In the back Lilico’s houses.

Trilha da Ilha

       Map of the pedestrians via of ilhéus.