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fachada olhando o mar

  Absolute beachfront loft, different architecture, totally
looking  straight out to the sea.  This house is located in
a fishermen's historical island, accessed only by boat.
Peaceful place and strategically situated for the famous
boat rides along Paraty and Ilha Grande Bay Area.
 Comfortably and minimally decorated, it has two suites
with a spectacular view of the ocean and wooden deck.
 Two suites and  mezzanine /bedroom open  out on to a
balcony on a higher level over the entrance hall.      This
great   environment    allows   you    the  experience   of
living with nature, sea, mountains, and boats.   Floating
in  this place  is  the  mezzanine  and  viewpoint  that  in
spite of being opened, allows you comfort and privacy.

vista do living/cozinha à esquerda

   Southern view from the garden.

vista do living/cozinha à direita

   Nothern view from the garden.


    The kitchen, as all the rooms, faces the sea.

living room

   Living: booty, comfort and the stone.

mezzanino mirante

    The mezzanine floats over the living room.

     A pleasant corner above the sea.

   Simply  and  comfortably decorated,  enlightened  and
getting  some  fresh  air,  all  with d ouble beds, place to
arrange clothes, luggage and fans. One of the suites has
air-conditioning and  TV.

varanda das suítes do térreo

   The openings stand out the relaxing environment.

suíte 1, no térreo

    The ocean can be seen through the main windows.

suite 2, no térreo

banho da suíte 1

mezzanino dormitório

    Romantism and coziness in the private mezzanine.

jardim interno

     This staircase leads to the external suites.

circulação das suites externas

      Privacy and freedom in these two suites.

 suite 3, externa

             Booty, light and quite a view!

vista das suites superiores, a direita.

        Bucolic landscapes, eternal paintings.

vista das suites superiores, à esquerda.

 The Island house belongs to two architect siblings that                         after going to the region many times built the house as                           a hobby due to their great passion for the area.  A local    Architectural  concept   integrated   to   the landscape              translated  with  elegance,  greatness  and  simplicity –                         “The freedom and proximity to  the sea  were the north                              of this building.”

In the beginning of the construction work  fifteen years                           ago  it  was  part  of the tourism boat rides itinerary for                       being  a not a bit conventional house – The great stone                preserved  in  the  center  of  the living room, the great             eucalyptus  structure   that  came  from  the  continent                    floating  along the  Channel and for  being inhabited for                        many years without its front doors – It’s well-known as                         “The doorless house”- which is very special, to special                       people only.

   It’s  known  as  Elinho  and  Fernando’s  house,    “The           owners”, are well-known and friends of everyone in the region.The   house is  located  where the most beautiful                         view of  Paraty  is,  framed  by  the  sunset  and  fishing                             boats.

Arquitetura : Planta e Corte

°  SEA BORDER                                                                                    °  SIDE WALK                                                                                     °  RAMP                                                                                             °  GARDEN                                                                                          °  WORKSHOP                                                                                         °  LIVING ROOM                                                                                  °  DINNING ROOM                                                                                    °  KITCHEN                                                                                        °  BALCONY                                                                                           °  BATHROOM                                                                                     °  LAUNDRY                                                                                        °  FOYER                                                                                           °  SUITE 2                                                                                         °  SUITE 1                                                                                         °  FOYER   ° UP:BEDROOM MEZZANINE - VIEWPOINT MEZZANINE                 °  LARGE DECK                                                                                    °  SMALL DECK WHITH SECUNDARY ENTRANCE                                          °  SUITE 3                                                                                         °  SUITE 4