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    Elio Jose Ribeiro FernandezSantista ( from  Santos-SP ),      architect,  worked  as a landscapist for 25 years in Sao Paulo,   nowadays he’s part of the Project Department Of The Federal Justice in Sao Paulo.    

  Yara Oliveira Tassinari  -   Paulistana ( from Sao Paulo-SP ),  architect , has  worked in Interior Designs in Sao Paulo since          1980.

Rua   Santa  Branca, 67 , Bela Vista , São Paulo                                    fone  55 11 7283 0244

  " I fall  in love with places. I grew up  in Sao Paulo  where I had             lived on the same Santa Branca street in Bixiga neighbourhood for             30 years where my family still live.  When I met Paraty I knew I’d           stay there for a long time.  It’s already been 20 years and I don’t           think I’ll be able to stop being there one day."